LED Lighting for Underpasses in Osnabrück

April 5th, 2013

Railway underpasses with
new LED luminaires

Since January 2013, new energy-efficient LED luminaires illuminate two railway underpasses of the district Schinkel in the town Osnabrück. In close cooperation between the city, the municipal utility of Osnabrück and the lighting specialist Hess AG, 60 LED luminaires were installed upgrading the underpasses with their high quality lighting. Compared to the previous illumination, the new lighting system needs 60 percent less energy and saves 24 tons of CO2 annually.

Separate Lighting Systems for Pavement and Roadways

"We improve the situation for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists through the new lighting concept", summarises Wolfgang Griesert, head of the municipal planning and building control office, the benefits of the new lighting system. Thanks to the precise light control and separate lighting systems for the pavement and the roadways, the different zones can be illuminated completely in line with demand.
The installed LED lighting systems are custom solutions that have been developed specifically for this application. Due to its design and the optics used, there is a precise definition of roadway and sidewalk lighting. Another advantage lies in the minimised glare for all road users.

Various Colours of Light

At the underpass Buersche Street, for example, 12 LED Light Tube systems with a power rating of 50W were used along the roadway. An LED tube has a length of 900mm and is made of 20 LEDs with a special glass lens and an asymmetrical light distribution. The electronics of the roadway lighting allow dimming steps up to 70 percent. These are controlled by different switching signals of the ripple control receiver for the street lighting.
Further 12 tube lights with RGBWW LEDs and a power of 33W ensure the uniform illumination of the parallel sidewalks. The LEDs have special lens and an asymmetrical light distribution – illuminating the sidewalk and emphasizing the adjacent wall panel in different colours at the same. The colour of light can thereby vary between neutral white and the individual colours of red, green and blue. This dynamic lighting design can be programmed in different colours depending on the time of day or day of the week.
Other light scenes can be called up at major events. The underpass Bohmter Street could, for example, shine in the colours of the football club VfL Osnabrück during a home game in the nearby stadium. In addition, the sidewalk lighting can be dimmed up to 50 percent.

An exemplary project for other subways

After the official launch of the new LED lighting system, head of the municipal planning and building control office Wolfgang Griesert and project manager Jürgen Ruhrmann from the municipal utility of the Town of Osnabrück, spoke about a successful project all round. The project, supported by the foundation "Living City", was considered as exemplary and gives reason to use these lighting systems in other subways, too.