LEDIA LED lighting effects

New: CREE LEDs inside

Embedded into walls or floors, illuminating tiles and illuminating strips from the LEDIA series by Hess open up a diverse range of possibilities when it comes to creative lighting effects. The models' light quality have been optimised following a technical update with CREE LEDs. In practice this means higher luminous power with more vibrantly coloured lighting effects.

More light – better effects 

Now, with CREE LEDs, what goes on inside the maintenance-free LEDIA illuminating tiles and strips is completely different. Key benefits of this technical development are approx. 30 percent higher luminous efficacy, exceptionally high luminance and more vibrantly coloured lighting effects. Due to this conversion, we will be offering illuminating tiles and illuminating strips from the LEDIA family with 24 V and 12 V performance levels in the future. 
To enable both interior and exterior lighting solutions to be tailored to specific projects, illuminating strips come in four different lengths. Illuminating tiles are also available in four sizes to match different paving grid patterns. The six lamp colours available are warm white (3000 K), cold white (6500 K), blue (470 nm), green (527 nm), red (624 nm) and orange (591 nm). There is also an RGB option (R = 622 nm, G = 530 nm, B =470 nm). Load capacity: For in-ground installations, the tough luminaire cover is made of single-pane, tempered safety glass for a rollover capacity of max. 5 tonnes.