Hess APP Now Available for iPhone

Hess AG

Hess APP Now Available
for iPhone

Access Hess' latest reference projects, interesting news, images and videos via your iPhone.

Hess AG App Now Available

The Hess app is extremely convenient for architects, landscape architects and lighting designers who use their mobile devices to obtain information for their work, while on the job. Now, via iPhone, iPad or iPod, they can access applicable reference projects, news, images, helpful articles and videos that realistically communicate the actual day and night impact of Hess' luminaires.
The app also features Hess' latest LED innovations and explains the many advantages of Hess' comprehensive LED module range. Moreover, the app makes background information about the Hess Group readily available to lighting professionals while offering convenient phone and e-mail contact to the company .

Update: Hess APP with interactive project map

The APP has now an interactive project map included. It detects automatically your location and shows the Hess references in your area.