HAUS DER ARCHITEKTEN Shines Anew with New Light

December 19, 2012


The fifty-first meeting of Saxony's chapter council of the German Institute of Architects, held in the middle of November 2012 at the HAUS DER ARCHITEKTEN, was the occasion of premieres for both a new outdoor lighting design and the newly landscaped grounds.

Effectively highlights

Hess AG had already provided a temporary lighting solution in 2011 for the chapter's twentieth anniversary. This solution has now become a permanent installation. For the home of the architects' chapter, designed by Professor Bruno Paul and built in 1928-29, lighting was chosen that effectively highlights the building's character. The new illumination causes the building, also known as Haus Carl Bergmann, to stand out from the other buildings along the street, capturing the attention and esteem of the public. LED lighting impressively renders the building's architectural features and the grounds' landscaping.
The illumination of the façades, a highlight of the lighting design, employs Hess' Teramo series lighting to tastefully accent projecting elements in distinguishing RGBW.

The invigoration of cultural heritage

"We understood the architectural lighting design challenge for this project as "the invigoration of cultural heritage," and, with this in mind, designed lighting that would vividly give the HAUS DER ARCHITEKTEN life," explains Ruairi O’Brien of Ruairi O’Brien. Architektur. Licht. Raumkunst, the firm responsible for the lighting design.
Christoph Hess, CEO Hess AG, is delighted with the outcome of this prestigious reference project: "Architectural lighting is one of the Hess Group's strongest growing market segments. I am very pleased that we received the opportunity to furnish a building with state-of-the-art lighting technology in Dresden that has such a distinguished reputation and past."