Donaueschingen continues Modernization with Hess-Luminaires

April 3rd, 2013

508 luminaires are refitted
with LED technology

After gaining positive experience with the energy efficient LED luminaires of Hess in the past, the local council recently decided to update further luminaires to the cutting edge of technology until mid-2014. The focus is on 15 residential streets in the central area and other various parts of the city. Existing poles thereby remain, so that the exchange is concentrated on the luminaire heads.

Economical operation and high lighting quality

Modern LED technology is no exception anymore for the outdoor lighting of Donaueschingen: In collaboration with the lighting specialist Hess from Villingen-Schwenningen, over 1,000 luminaires have been exchanged to LED technology in recent years in the downtown area as well as in residential streets.
In the past, Hess-luminaires of the type TOLEDO, SERA and RESIDENZA were used in Donaueschingen. In order to create a uniform image of the new outdoor lighting, the local council voted for the luminaire TOLEDO fitted with LEDs again for upcoming refitting. "In addition to the low power consumption, the design, the quality and the good service provided by Hess were decisive for this decision", says Rudolf Reichle, head of the civil engineering department.
The outdated lighting system can be replaced sustainably by luminaire heads with LED modules as these provide a higher quality of light whilst significantly reducing energy consumption. As a result, the previous system rated input of 93 watts per luminaire drops to 24 watts per luminaire thereby generating huge savings on electricity costs for the city of Donaueschingen.

LED-Luminaires with integrated dimming system for area "On the Staig"

The residential area "On the Staig" is one part of the refitting of Donaueschingen. From 10 pm onwards every second luminaire at a distance of about 20 metres turns off, leaving the residents complaining about an insufficient nighttime illumination of the streets and sidewalks. "The new luminaires with an integrated dimming system improve the security for residents and motorists considerably", emphasizes Rudolf Reichle. The 38 LED luminaires considered for this area are equipped with motion sensors and the Intelligent Management System DIMPro that enables the control of the luminaires in line with demand.
The lighting concept includes reducing the lighting level from 10 pm onwards from 100 percent to 30 percent and activating the motion sensor at the same time. As soon as a car or pedestrian approaches, it causes the automatic increase of the lighting level up to 80 percent within a few seconds. After a defined period of time the luminaires reduce the lighting level automatically back to the nighttime basic illumination, enabling high energy savings. From 5 am onwards, the lighting level increases again to 100 percent.

Federal funding

The project is funded in the course of the LED street lighting programme by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). BMU contributes to the investment costs proportionately with 20 percent.