February 24th, 2014 

Important recertification

Fairness and transparency are central elements of the way we do business and as such, they are a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Our prime goal is to manufacture and supply products of the highest quality. To achieve this, all the value-adding processes must comply with the highest standards with regard to quality and environmental management. Only in this way, can we create energy-efficient lighting solutions, that meet the very wide range of demands and expectations that our customers place on us.

Quality and environmental management

Hess has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 by the external certification agency DEKRA. As a result, our company is compliant with the strictest standards with regard to quality management and environmentally responsible business practices. As far as our customers are concerned, these certifications document the fact that the working processes in our company are implemented in a future-safe way (DIN EN ISO 9001), that regulations pertaining to health and safety at work are adhered to and that sustainable processes are used during the entire life cycle of our products (DIN EN ISO 14001).

Integrated management system

For the first time, the recertification was done within the framework of an integrated management system (IMS). This system bundles quality control and occupational safety and environmental protection into one holistic operation optimisation system.
In practice, this means improving organisational processes while at the same time providing the best possible service for our customers. We received the confirmation that we had been successfully recertified by DEKRA in January 2014.

Why are both quality management and environmental management so important
for Hess?

The finite nature of natural resources challenges our company to meet the ever-increasing demand for lighting with lower energy consumption levels. For this reason, our development activities are focused on the areas of energy-efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and the reduction of CO2 emissions. We want to set a good example and make our contribution to the sustainable protection of natural resources for the generations to come, by economically using these resources.
Environmental management means much more to us than just adhering to laws and regulations. For that reason, the basis for our corporate decision-making is always the high standards laid down by the international DIN EN ISO 14001 Standard.