The perfect combination


The CITY ELEMENTS stand for the most diverse multifunctionality – at its absolute best. Due to the innovative combination of the illuminating column with the DALVIK S LED luminaire, CITY ELEMENTS offer more possibilities for holistic lighting solutions than before.

CITY ELEMENTS and DALVIK – for holistic lighting and infrastructure solutions

As a result of the connection of the DALVIK S to the CITY ELEMENTS, the lighting technology becomes more flexible and versatile and thus offers architects, planners and lighting designers a broader spectrum of applications – and simultaneously, a highly attractive appearance.

In addition to the basic illumination function, CITY ELEMENTS also offer versatile supply solutions for municipal requirements – such as electricity and water supply, Wi-Fi, integration of security cameras, striking light projections and e-mobility functions.
CITY ELEMENTS incorporate in this configuration the best of both product families – namely maximum multifunctionality and best lighting.

Light and multifunction for all urban applications

With 2 diameters and variable heights of up to 9 meters and above
CITY ELEMENTS fit perfectly into any urban conditions.
CITY ELEMENTS – the ideal system for the urban needs of today and tomorrow.
In combination with the DALVIK S, the CITY ELEMENTS 180
is designed for heights up to 6 meters. The 180 model
can be fitted with a maximun of 6 DALVIK S luminaire heads.
The DALVIK S can be mounted from a minimum height
of 3.20 meters.
In combination with the DALVIK S, the CITY ELEMENTS 230
is designed for heights even up to 9 meters. The 230 model
can also be fitted with a maximum of 6 DALVIK S. With this model,
the minimum height required for mounting the DALVIK S is 3 meters.

Flexibility – entirely according to your needs

With the possibility of adding several DALVIK-luminaires at different positions of the CITY ELEMENTS, diverse lighting requirements can be fulfilled – with only one column.

1 to 3 LEVO Q modules, with system capacity of 30 watts each, can be fitted in the DALVIK S. The modules are available either with asymmetrical or rotationally symmetrical optics. Cluster optics of polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA) ensure optimum light control. In the case of needed light control, the DALVIK can be equipped with various Hess control systems to enable individual and intelligent control.
The light colours 3000 K, 4000 K and 5600 K (upon request) are available.
CITY ELEMENTS and DALVIK – the best light!

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