CITY ELEMENTS 200 – Evolution in light and multifunctionality

The new cutting edge in the field of multifunctional lighting columns

CITY ELEMENTS, a comprehensive lighting system, answers virtually every urban lighting need and even more.

Thanks to the variety and versatility of its elements, diameters of 180mm, 200mm and 230mm and variable heights
up-to-9-metre and even above, the system easily configures to match its specific architectural environment proportionately.
With the new CITY ELEMENTS 200, Hess is bringing together the advantages and decades of experience of the globally successful CITY ELEMENTS 180 and CITY ELEMENTS 230 in an innovative yet simple illuminating column. With a diameter of 200mm as well as many innovations and new features, the CITY ELEMENTS 200 is the new cutting edge, destined for use in attractive design and supply concepts in urban areas.

A whole new dimension of simplicity

Thanks to its completely new design and construction, it takes just a few simple movements and simple tools to allow the
CITY ELEMENTS 200 to be quickly and effortlessly...
...set up, added to, scaled down or retrofitted according to modular principles – in any weather!
We make this a reality on the basis of a completely new concept. This means the illuminating column consists of initially empty basic and intermediate elements. This basic framework is then equipped as needed with self-contained and thus sealed elements, so-called inserts. These inserts are simply placed into the recesses provided and affixed, without it being necessary to open them, resulting in a whole new dimension of simplicity. The terminating elements are factory sealed and only need to be put on and connected.

Holistic solution for urban requirements

The potential of CITY ELEMENTS 200 goes far beyond Illumination.

The most innovative LED technology and individually combinable basic, intermediate and terminating elements offer a variety of additional features and supply solutions for the urban requirements of today and tomorrow – whether loudspeakers, cameras, spotlights, power and water connections, or charging infrastructures for e-mobility. Despite this versatility, it is extremely easy to handle, that is to say, easy to set up and easy to install. 
CITY ELEMENTS 200 – made by Hess: Simply variable, simply multifunctional – simply smart.