Intermediate elements with new inner workings

The multi-functional CITY ELEMENTS illuminating columns from Hess with individually combinable single elements fulfil almost all lighting requirements and fit perfectly in a variety of urban environments.
The intermediate elements are now equipped with new CXB-LEDs from Cree. In this way CITY ELEMENTS provides even better light output with particularly efficient operation.

The best light quality through high-power CXB-LED modules from Cree

With the latest generation of high-power CXB 3050 LED modules from Cree, the intermediate elements BS 300 and
BS 400 of CITY ELEMENTS have completely new inner workings. The new electrical system is used in CITY ELEMENTS with a diameter of 230 mm as well as 180 mm and offers many advantages: With an efficiency of 130 lumens per watt, the new Cree LEDs allow it to offer an impressive improvement in light output of about 25 per cent compared to previous models.

In addition, the new electrical system has lateral guides that allow the LED module to be set at a very steep angle. This makes it possible for the LED module to be fixed to the highest point within the intermediate element in order to enable a high setting angle of the lighting technology of up to 45° if required.

The greatest lighting flexibility for different requirements

Through ongoing technical development, CITY ELEMENTS is becoming even more flexible in its lighting technology, fulfilling
a variety of lighting tasks from street, pathway, and open space lighting to building illumination – all from a single lighting installation. Additional lighting installations – to accentuate façades, for example – are no longer necessary. Elegantly integrated, CITY ELEMENTS also takes over this task.
For lighting planners and designers, this opens up new opportunities for lighting design with maximum performance and efficiency, especially in built-up urban areas.