ACCADIA: Revolutionary reflector technology – the new dimension of in-ground luminaires

Created for the most sophisticated lighting

ACCADIA is a highly innovative LED in-ground luminaire product family for façade lighting and wall accenting. The centrepiece of the versatile products is special Bartenbach-designed reflectors. In the asymmetric versions, they provide indirect light with no glare and excellent light distribution – which is currently unique among ground luminaires.

Light plays an increasingly important role as a creative and atmospheric design element: Skilfully deployed, light not only stages attractions but also makes a significant contribution, as a stylistic means, to the architecture of public spaces and parks.
The ACCADIA product line enables architects and designers to effectively accentuate and stage building façades and architectural features such as columns, arches and sculptures, as well as trees and plants.
Outstanding lighting results are guaranteed by the reflector technology: reflectors specially developed by Bartenbach provide very uniform light distribution in conjunction with the Hess LED technology.
The product line is available in two housing types for different application scenarios and lighting effects. Round and rectangular. Both forms are available in different sizes and LED configurations. As a standard selection, ACCADIA is available in discreet black including matching black printing on the glass.

Perfect light in an extraordinary design

All benefits at a glance:

  • Revolutionary reflector technology: Bartenbach meets Hess. A combination that ensures the best lighting and advanced LED technology. Reflectors developed by Bartenbach in conjunction with the technical lighting expertise of Hess ensure extremely homogeneous light distribution for the rotationally symmetrical as well as the asymmetric ACCADIA versions. A special feature of the asymmetric variant is that this homogeneous light distribution is achieved right from the lower edge of a surface to be illuminated – without the usual “dark zones”.
  • No glare: Through the use of special “spoon-reflectors” in the asymmetric versions, indirect, glare-free and extremely pleasant light is generated entirely without glare. Glare was also able to be minimized with the rotationally symmetric reflectors.

  • Elegant design: The high quality of the in-ground luminaire is reflected in the clean design of ACCADIA: a design and quality which correspond to the highest standards. And this design also offers very practical advantages: The smooth surface, completely without screws, prevents wear and contamination due to weathering and the light distribution always remains optimal.
  • Light pollution minimised with unique optics: For precise direction of light on the surface to be illuminated, the reflector unit is adjusted to the local conditions at the factory. If there is nevertheless the need for optimization onsite, the reflectors can be easily adjusted. A precise edge on the upper end of the illuminated surface allows light pollution to be virtually eliminated. With ACCADIA you have light where you want it. Precise and exactly where it is needed on the surface.
  • Wide variety of options: The right lighting equipment for every requirement. With ACCADIA you have a variety of LED configurations for attractive accent lighting and atmospheric illumination. 3000 K and 4000 K are available as standard with 5700 K available upon request. In conjunction with various reflectors there are a number of combinations – including the right combination to fit your project.
  • Easy installation: ACCADIA is pre-wired and supplied with a pre-set reflector unit and standard cable at the factory. The luminaire does not need to be opened for installation. In conjunction with the Hess in-ground luminaire housing, it is easy to install. A standard Hess connection kit for easy connection of the luminaire to the earth cable is also available.
  • Sophisticated maintenance concept: At the end of their service life, the LED modules can be replaced in a few simple steps.

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ACCADIA - The Brochure

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