Hess LED modules

The LED luminaires from Hess impress with an extremely high quality of light and very high energy efficiency.
As a result of the use of smart control technology, the energy efficiency can be further increased and the light controlled to suit the user's needs. The high quality and modularity of the modules ensures a low maintenance factor and considerably lower operating costs.
LED modules from Hess ensure the best lighting quality – in residential streets, pedestrian areas or public spaces. In short: wherever you need it!
LED modules from Hess are available in the following versions:
  • LEVO Q
  • LEVO3
  • AV2 GR/KL
  • Linea

LEVO LED module family
The LEVO LED modules from Hess form a versatile and powerful LED module family and include the independent module variants LEVO Q and LEVO3.

1 | LEVO3

A variety of lighting characteristics

The new LEVO 3 module offers a variety of lighting characteristics and thus has an especially wide range of applications. LEVO3 is equipped for virtually all lighting requirements in urban areas.
Scope of application
Main roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths, pedestrian crossings, residential streets, parking lots or public spaces. LEVO3 – the module that meets your needs.
The variants range from asymmetric to asymmetric wide, deep or right illumination right through to rotationally symmetrical.
  • Optic O1:
    Asymmetrical, optimized for luminance
    (Lighting of main roads)
  • Optic O3:
    Asymmetrical, optimized for illumination level
    (Lighting of main roads)
  • Optic O4:
    Asymmetrical wide-beam
    (For lighting pedestrian and bicycle paths)
  • Optic O5:
    Asymmetrical extra deep beam
    (E.g., lighting parking lots)
  • Optic O6R:
    Asymmetrical beam to the right
    (Lighting of pedestrian paths)
  • Optic O7:
    Asymmetrical wide-beam for luminance up to 0.5 cd/m
    (Lighting of main roads and residential streets)
  • Optic O8:
    Rotationally symmetrical
    (E.g., for lighting squares)

Illustrations of LEVO3 Optics

Dimming options
As with all Hess LED modules, the LEVO3 module can be connected to smart control technology with a night-time dimming function. The following dimming systems are available: StepDIM, AstroDIM and DALI. Upon request, selected luminaire types are available, optionally with the “Dimmsystem Professional” (DIMPro).
Example luminaires with the LEVO3 module:

2 | LEVO Q

Compact and powerful

The LEVO Q module – made by Hess and perfectly matched to the respective lighting requirements
The LEVO Q module comprises a square aluminium core PCB, which is equipped with high-power LEDs. As required, a cluster optics made of PMMA (polyacrylic glass) can be used for a rotationally symmetrical light distribution or special lenses can be used for an asymmetrical light distribution. A homogeneous light distribution is guaranteed in all cases – as you would expect from Hess.
Scope of application
The LEVO Q provides a rotationally symmetrical light distribution of 360 degrees – for homogeneous illumination of squares and urban areas. The asymmetrical version with optimized light control ensures perfect lighting for streets and paths.
Dimming options
As all Hess LED modules, the LEVO Q module can be connected to smart control technology with a night-time dimming function. The following dimming systems are available: StepDIM, AstroDIM and DALI. Selected luminaire types are available upon request, optionally with the “Dimmsystem Professional” (DIMPro).
Example luminaires with the LEVO Q Module:

3 | AV2 GR/KL

LED module for AVANGARDO 2 luminaires

The AV2 GR/KL modules were specially developed by Hess for the particular needs and requirements of the AVANGARDO 2 family. The design of those LED modules is correspondingly compact, making it ideal for use in the AVANGARDO 2 family of illuminating bollards and wall luminaires. The high thermal stability makes a direct connection to the housing unnecessary.
Scope of application
The AV2 GR/KL LED modules are used for path and accent lighting. With these modules, Hess provides sophisticated lighting concepts for buildings and their surrounding areas. The AV2 GR module has an extremely wide beam and ensures a correspondingly large distance of up to 12 m between two light points.
Different light point distances
Different light point distances can be achieved by means of the two installation positions in the illuminating bollards.
1: The glass cover is installed flush with the housing
--> reduced light point distance
2: The glass cover protrudes beyond the housing
--> a significantly broader light point distance is achieved; there is almost a doubling of the light point distance.
Example luminaires with the AV2 module GR/KL:

4 | LED module LINEA

LED modul for Illuminaiting Bollards

The LINEA LED module from Hess is ideal for use in illuminating bollards due to its very flat design and compactness and therefore, it can be used in a variety of illuminating bollards. Due to a direct fitting of the aluminium core PCB, a high thermal stability is achieved. In this way, a direct connection to the housing is not necessary.
Scope of application
Thanks to its wide-beam lighting characteristic, the LINEA module is virtually predestined for a perfect and homogeneous illumination of paths that are near buildings.
Example luminaires with the LINEA module: