Dimmsystem Professional


The Smart Way to Manage LED Street Lighting

Dimmsystem Professional allows lighting system operators to manage lighting so that it exactly meets the specific needs of particular lighting situations with minimum energy usage.

Hess DIMPro

DIMPro is a multifaceted smart lighting management solution that permits the intelligent, individual management of street, walkway, and area lighting. For example, it allows the presence-based adjustment of lighting levels for walkways and bicycle paths. Capable of performing many tasks that help operators get a handle on their lighting, it can metre the energy consumption of lighting units and much more.
DIMPro offers a host of functions that provide cities, towns and utilities with many interesting opportunities for the comprehensive yet individual citywide management of their lighting from a single remote terminal.

System Components

The system consists of a master module, including PC software with flash drive to configure the luminaires, as well as slave modules, motion detectors and WiFi antennas, with the latter three components installing in each luminaire.
Luminaire components:
  • Integral antenna
  • Dim module
  • Motion detector
  • Electronic control gear with 1-10 V interface
Remote module components:
  • GPS (time & date)
  • Master module
  • Antenna

WiFi Communication

The integral antennas permit communication between the individual luminaires via a wireless network.
Many of our competitors rely on wired systems to network luminaires.
Experience, however, shows that control leads are often not available and using the power lead (frequency modulation) has proven to be unreliable.
DIMPro's range, depending on terrain and streetscape features, is 50 to 100 metres, which is enough to cover virtually any lighting situation requirements.

Available Functions

The PC software allows the operator to programme the system to the required specifications. It features many different functions that set individually and combine:

  • The setting to dim specific sites, at specific times or operate on the standard programme (automatic mode)
  • Individual settings (for groups or individual luminaires); 6 dim levels possible
  • Automatic daylight savings (summer) time shift via GPS
  • Interfaces for added functions (motion detectors, traffic counting and much more)
Each luminaire is fitted with a motion detector. DIMPro comes preconfigured to operate with electricity metres, radar speed signs, speed clocks and traffic counters. Speed clocks and traffic counters provide useful assistance with determining problem areas on streets, identifying potential danger for pedestrians, etc, so that city governments can react accordingly to introduce precautionary measures and improvements.
Access to the system can be limited by the use of a password, which uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit algorithm for security. A USB dongle, designed specially for the application, transmits the configured settings directly to the luminaires in the network.

An Example Demonstrates the Possible Applications

A Residential Street

Taking a residential street as an example, we will demonstrate DIMPro's usefulness in the following. The system is set to dim the lighting down to 30 % between 12 and 4 AM when traffic is minimal. At this time, the motion detectors are active and prompt the system to raise the light level up to 80 % if they detect movement. Between 4 and 6 AM, the system deactivates the motion sensor and the integral timer raises the light level to 80 %. At 6 AM, the lighting level increases to 100 %.

Walkways and Bicycle Paths

The DIMPro system can be used to manage the level of street, walkway and bicycle path lighting, keeping the levels low -- commonly 30 % -- in the absence of bicyclists or pedestrians. As soon as the motion detectors sense movement, they signal the first luminaire, which increases its level in a matter of seconds to eighty percent of full capacity.
A chain reaction then takes place. Along with the first luminaire the next three luminaires receive the command to raise their levels. One after the other, each luminaire that receives the command passes it on to the next three. After a specified time of inactivity, the luminaires automatically dim down to the previous low levels they had had in the absence of activity, saving energy.

Product Diversity is Your Key to Performance and Efficiency Excellence

Hess offers Dimmsystem Professional in various outdoor and street lighting products, giving cities and towns the opportunity to answer their many different lighting needs with the ideal intelligent solution. This diversity sets Hess apart from our competition.
Hess' large diversity of LED products with smart light management controls means you're certain to find the ideal, lighting solution to meet all your requirements and more!

Technical Information:
DIMPro data sheet

Please find the technical data sheet for the Dimmsystem Professional:
The data sheet gives an overview about the functionality with the help of examples, illustrated by graphics and approach standards. Furthermore, the data sheet also contains a description of the measurement process of “PASSIV INFRARED MOTION SENSOR”.

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