Design and efficiency for Wittersheim (FR)

CANTO LED luminaires with integrated dimming system

Efficient illumination of the roads

The French municipality of Wittersheim, about 20 kilometres north of Strasbourg, has modernised a part of its exterior lighting in the last few years with the elegant CANTO pole-mounted luminaires from Hess.
In the course of a structural expansion, two new access roads were recently built and equipped with CANTO LED luminaires. In combination with their six-metre poles, they are an attractive eyecatcher on the streets.
In addition to the design of the luminaires, extremely efficient illumination was paramount to the municipality.

Designers and participants

Client: Municipality of Wittersheim
Project partners: ”Communauté de communes“ of the region Haguenau; Planning Office Berest, Illkirch
Luminaires: CANTO 6000
Images: Hess

Increased efficiency – with AstroDIM

Automatic lowering of the illumination level 

For further optimised energy efficiency, the CANTO luminaires on the new streets “Rue de Stade” and “Rue des Jardins” were additionally equipped with the AstroDIM function in the driver.
The AstroDIM function has a continuously dimmable range between 10 – 100 %. As a result, night-time dimming can take place in two stages. The luminaires are factory-set according to customer requirements. The driver with the control additionally determines the theoretical midnight time. An external control infrastructure is not necessary.
Wittersheim decided on one night-time dimming stage. Two hours before and six hours after the theoretical midnight, the luminaires reduce their output and automatically lower the lighting level to the 50% value set by the municipality. Before and after these times, the luminaires deliver their full power. 

The technology: LEVO module

The CANTO luminaire heads are each fitted with two LEVO modules with a power of 2x23 watts. A large-area multi-lens for light control ensures that the light arrives exactly where it is needed. With their homogenous, wide-beam light distribution and light colour of 4000 K (neutral white), the LEVO modules completely meet all technical lighting requirements for the location.

The luminaire: CANTO

A distinctive feature of the CANTO is the oval luminaire head made of high-quality cast aluminium with a downward-folding cover made of ESG safety glass. The CANTO is available in a wide variety of designs as required and upon request. With its elegant appearance, it ensures distinctive and uniform lighting structures in residential areas and on residential streets.