Tuningen switches to smart LED lighting

Entire town lighting to smart remote-managed Hess LED lighting converted

Municipality of Tuningen is leading by example

Cutting expenditures for energy and conserving our environment – key priorities of Germany’s national, state and local governments – require cities and towns to drastically overhaul their operations in order to become more energy-efficient and sustainable. The Schwarzwald-Baar municipality of Tuningen is leading by example, having successfully converted outdoor lighting throughout the town to energy-efficient, smart LED technology. The town worked closely with the lighting specialist Hess on this model project.
The project involved about 500 lighting units, for which the town chose Hess’ MADRID and NEW YORK luminaires. These products feature Hess’ highly innovative integrated smart remote-management systems DIMPro and AstroDIM, which deliver state-of-the-art efficiency and performance.

Mayor Jürgen Roth is satisfied with the LED conversion

Tuningen’s mayor, Jürgen Roth, is very satisfied with every aspect of the LED conversion. “This project has given our town a name as the first municipality in Germany to carry through with such an extensive smart-technology based LED conversion plan. I am proud that Tuningen is leading by example,” says Mayor Jürgen Roth. “The smart lighting management system allows us to exploit the full potential of LED technology. For instance, LED modules installed for side streets require a mere 3 watts when dimmed.” Town residents have expressed enormous satisfaction. Their response has been just overwhelming,” explains Roth.
Jürgen Duffner, Hess’ Director of Sales, is very pleased with Tuningen’s resounding satisfaction. “With our energy-efficient LED lighting and the ideally suited and proven lighting controls we were able to help turn Tuningen’s concept, a model for many German towns and cities, into reality,” adds Duffner.
Tuningen invested more than a half a million to convert its lighting to LED technology. Of the town’s total investment, Germany’s Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMU), provided Tuningen with a grant of 20 percent.

Lighting Design and Project Contributors

Client: Municipality of Tuningen
Project partners: Stadtwerke Villingen-Schwenningen GmbH (SVS), Hess GmbH Licht + Form, Elektro Boschert
Lighting products: MADRID,
Lighting management system: DIMPro from Hess
Photographs: Hess

82 Percent Energy Savings

A sizeable contribution to conserve natural resources 

Converting to LED technology and smart lighting management controls helped Tuningen achieve two significant goals: on the one hand, increased energy conservation and sustainability while, on the other hand, drastically improved quality in the lighting of public spaces. Compared to the previous lighting system, the new system cuts annual electricity use by around 141,000 kWh, which corresponds to a yearly savings of 82 percent – a very sizeable contribution to conserving our natural resources and streamlining the town’s budget.
Hess has long enjoyed a reputation as a manufacturer of energy-efficient aesthetic outdoor lighting. Besides singular design, Hess quality stands for high-grade materials and components, precision-engineered optical systems and LED systems designed for specific lighting tasks. Hess combines these qualities with smart lighting management solutions to provide towns and cities with custom-fit complete lighting solutions that upgrade public lighting in terms of both efficiency and aesthetics.

Smart Lighting Management with DIMPro

Light only when and where it’s needed

To allow Tuningen to manage its lighting based on the frequency and nature of the public’s use of the illuminated areas, Hess fit the MADRID luminaires installed in the residential streets with LEVO LED modules, DIMPro dimmers and motion detectors. The system configures to automatically adjust luminous output to specific use scenarios and traffic levels.
Nights, at around 11 PM, the system diminishes light output to 10 percent of its level during busy hours and activates the motion detectors, which sense movement and infrared radiation. Upon detecting movement, the sensors prompt the system to boost the lighting level. Afterwards, the system automatically lowers light output to the previous level after a predetermined period of time has elapsed without detected movement, delivering significant savings on electricity usage.
Integral antennas permit communication between the individual luminaires via a WiFi network. Amongst many other advantages, this allows operators to programme the entire system to the required specifications from a single remote terminal using a software platform.
Please find further information about the smart lighting management system DIMPro here.

AstroDIM: Pre-set to Customer Lighting Management Requirements

Along the heavily frequented streets, the town installed NEW YORK 700 and 1000 luminaires, each fit with two RAP LED modules and Hess’ integral AstroDim dimmer. AstroDim is a standalone system, which means it doesn’t require an external control infrastructure. Its settings are factory-set and operate on an integral timer.
AstroDim’s two-stage dimming serves Tuningen’s street lighting needs extremely well while providing the town with very significant energy savings.
Here is a description of how the system functions: Between 9 and 11 PM, Tuningen’s NEW YORK luminaires automatically cut their light output to 70 percent. From 11 PM to 3 AM, the lighting level automatically falls to 30 percent. At 3 PM, luminous output increases to 70 percent and at 4 AM the level returns to 100 percent.

TV Report about Tuningen

German regional television station reported about smart LED lighting

SWR, a regional television station in Germany, reported live from Tuningen on the outdoor lighting conversion. Here you can watch the report:

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