CANTO-luminaires for new roundabout

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New roundabout for the industrial area "Vorderer Eckweg" in Villingen (Germany)

The industrial area Vorderer Eckweg, in the municipality of Villingen (Germany), is a much sought after location for businesses – and is becoming more and more attractive. In the fall of 2017 for example the furniture store XXXL Lutz opened a new branch with 27,000 square metres of sales floor spread over four floors, which guarantees a particularly special shopping experience.
An increase in traffic was predicted with the new greenfield development. In order to cope with the congestion, the city built a new access road plus a new roundabout at the junction between Milanstrasse and Vorderer Eckweg, before the new furniture store opened its doors.

CANTO G pole mounted luminaires ensure a high lighting quality

The lighting of the new roundabout was to be connected to the existent lighting structure, which is characterised by premium quality CANTO pole-mounted luminaires. To ensure a uniform appearance, 19 more CANTO G 6000 luminaires with curved poles in colour DB 701 were installed in the area surrounding the roundabout.
Each equipped with three powerful LED modules in the light colour 4000 K, the 6 metre tall CANTOs guarantee a high quality of lighting. In addition, the integrated dimming system AstroDIM guarantees particularly efficient operation, as two factory programmed power settings trigger automatic reduction of the lighting power whenever there is less traffic during the night.

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