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New dimension of experience: Rottweil upgrades downtown

CITY ELEMENTS effectively set the scene for the city centre

There has been plenty of life at all times in the late medieval town of Rottweil. However, the dominant motor traffic impaired the strongly frequented pedestrian area. On the occasion of carried out connection works of the ENRW Energy Supply Rottweil the city fathers decided to rearrange the Hochbrücktor Street and the Lower Main Street and illuminate them with the high-quality lighting system CITY ELEMENTS from Hess.
Today the oldest city of Baden-Württemberg presents itself more attractive than ever: The perfect match of the different functional areas, the historic environment and the lighting sets the new centre of Rottweil effectively in scene even during evening and night hours.

Lighting Designer and Project Contributors

Client: City of Rottweil
Lighting Design: Licht|Raum|Stadt-Planning-Bureau, Karlsruhe

New lighting requirements

New conception of the lighting system

The changes in the use of urban space required a new conception of the lighting system – not only to meet current safety requirements, but also to highlight the characteristics of the city centre of Rottweil.
"The previously used luminaires in the city weren’t able to use optical systems for light control. The glare for pedestrians was correspondingly high. In addition, it created light emissions on facades”, outlines Dipl. Ing. Jochen Karow from Licht|Raum|Stadt-Planning-Bureau the initial situation.

Combination of talent demanded

In the light of the aim of taking the unique architecture as well as a stronger emphasis of the functional areas “shop and linger” into account, the planning office developed a tailor-made lighting concept. The basic information was given by the DIN EN 13201. This results in an average illuminance of at least 10 lux with good uniformity for pedestrian areas.
Because of the variety of lighting requirements the planners preferred to use multifunctional light steles. "Using steles enables a timeless solution due to their visually unobtrusive appearance and individual combination of different optical systems in one luminaire as well as possible supply systems", summarises Karow the most important benefits. This allows an economic arrangement of the elements, which in turn positively influences the perception of the urban space.

CITY ELEMENTS of Hess shine

Light steles convince through lighting quality and efficiency

6.80 m high CITY ELEMENTS with a transparent top element have proven to be optimal for the heart of Rottweil. Hess integrated two overlapping, asymmetrical mini reflectors for the illumination of the roadway and sidewalk. The upper unit illuminates the road with a 70-watt HIT-CE lamp, the lower unit the sidewalk with 35 watt.
Thanks to their accurate optical control the mini reflectors reach a high luminous efficacy and thus ensure an efficient operation. Moreover, motorists, pedestrians and residents benefit from the glare-free illumination of the environment. The columns were installed at a distance of 28 m between the parking bays dividing the streets into equal sections. "With their height and restrained slim appearance they achieve the appropriate representative effect for the city centre", describes Karow an important design aspect.

Successful atmospheric facade illumination

In addition to the basic illumination of road and pavement, the CITY ELEMENTS take over other tasks at defined locations. This includes the illumination of 14 bays that attract attention through their colourfulness. The columns placed in front of them are fitted with one to three additional light exits and rotationally symmetric spotlight systems. Combined with a 35-watt HIT-CE lamp they make the striking facade elements almost tangible.
The luminaires at the pedestrian crossings also required a particular configuration. To achieve the vertical illuminance of 40 lux required by the DIN, both reflectors in the top element are aimed at the crosswalk area and are equipped with two 150-watt HIT-CE lamps. A dedicated lateral light emission fulfills the task for the walkway.

Lighting system meets all requirements

The base elements of the CITY ELEMENTS feature connections for power supply which can be used at events and activities in the retail sector. "The different requirements were met easily with the multifunctional CITY ELEMENTS and without any additional systems", Karow indicates and is pleased with the "atmospheric and harmonious lighting".
The new centre of Rottweil is a successful example of how modern urban development can serve medieval architecture. Looked at in this way, Rottweil has arrived in the 21st century for the benefit of trade, industry and tourism.


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