Kirchplatz Drusenheim FR – Drusenheim

Drusenheim, France:
Church square in new light and design

Pleasant town with prestigious award „Ville fleurie“

Drusenheim is a tranquil community about 25 kilometres north of Strasbourg in scenic northern Alsace. The municipality bears the title “Ville Fleurie” (town decorated with flowers) – to which a sign with 4 flowers at the entrance points. Thus Drusenheim is one of the nine municipalities of the department of Bas-Rhin, who have received this prestigious award.
The competition of flower-adorned towns and villages with a recognition of one to four flowers was launched in France in the late 1950s to promote fl owering green spaces. “This prize is awarded for the fl owers – the Altwasserpark is the perfect example of nature in the center of our municipality – but also and especially for the pleasant living environment that is offered to the approximately 5300 inhabitants of the city,” explains Jacky Keller, mayor of Drusenheim.
A special architectural ornament of the municipality is the catholic church Saint Matthieu in neoclassical style. The church square – a popular meeting place – has been redesigned with natural stone pavement, freshly planted trees, added parking spaces and an attractive lighting solution with illuminating columns of the RESIDENZA C and CITY ELEMENTS 180 types from Hess.

Designers and participants

Client: Municipality of Drusenheim, France
Participating project partners: Installation company Tellos, Herrlisheim
Lighting: Illuminating columns RESIDENZA C and CITY ELEMENTS 180 in special design
Images: Hess

Lighting solution

Luminaires fit perfectly into the newly designed area – and enhance the square

“As a replacement for the old, outdated lighting, we decided on simple and restrained luminaires to upgrade the entire church square with the added parking areas,” says Robert Trimole, Director of Technical Services Drusenheim.
The slimline design of the RESIDENZA C and CITY ELEMENTS 180 was exactly what the community wanted. In addition, the Hess luminaires off er state-of-the-art lighting technology.

Energy efficiency and high quality of light

“Energy efficiency and high quality of light were crucial criteria in the selection of luminaires,” explains François Gervais from the participating installation company, Tellos. The RESIDENZA C models with a height of 4.6 metres were installed around the church square and at the  parking spaces.
They are equipped with powerful LED LEVO3 modules in light colour 3000K, ensuring uniform illumination of the desired Areas in the evening and at night.
A CITY ELEMENTS 180 confi gured specifically for the project takes care of the additional illumination of the restored monument to fallen soldiers on the church square as well as the cross with Christ statue on the opposite side of the street. The column luminaire, which is also 4.6 metres high and 180 mm in diameter, is equipped with two BS 400 intermediate elements whose LED spotlights, in light colour 4000K with 14° reflectors, accentuate the monuments in the evening hours.
For efficient operation, all luminaires have a control unit with DALI interface for automatic lighting control. The luminaires lower the lighting level to 50 percent between midnight and 5 o’clock in the morning. During the remaining operating time, they light up constantly at full power.

Special lacquer coatings – one of Hess’s many special solution competencies

In addition to the attractive lighting effect, the luminaires attract attention during the day also due to their special colour. At the request of the municipality, the RESIDENZA C and the CITY ELEMENTS 180 units were coated with lacquer in the elegant brown colour of “Akzo Nobel 650 sablé SW 308F.”
“Since 2011, this colour has dominated all elements of site furnishings. Thanks to this special lacquer finish, the new luminaires harmonise perfectly with the existing benches, waste receptacles and bollards in our community,” says Robert Trimole, summing up.
In May 2018 the church square was ceremoniously inaugurated together with other modernized local areas.


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