If you haven't already begun upgrading your street lighting with LED technology, now is the time

Hess Campaign to Upgrade Street Lighting Energy Efficiency

LED's START is also the launch of a strategic cooperation between OSRAM and Hess.

NEW YORK - the new family of lighting featuring OSRAM LED modules and much more!

Standard features:

  • Dimming 
  • Luminous output degradation compensation
  • Signature Hess design aesthetics
  • OSRAM LED module availability guarantee  

Convert now and start benefiting immediately from the multiple advantages of LED technology!

LED: Besides delivering superb light quality and low energy consumption, our LED street lighting products also punctuate the aesthetic qualities of their respective settings.
START: Convert now to LED technology and save energy. Take advantage of our free smart control offer and extraordinary maintenance factor to reduce your operating costs.

Dim for Maximum Efficiency

Streetlights with integral dimmers adjust the luminous intensity to meet the specific lighting needs as they change. You have a choice of DALI, StepDIM or AstroDIM dimming systems when you order luminaires with OSRAM's module. All three are standard with this module and operate with the standard driver. In addition, Hess offers more extensive software-assisted dimming options for use with all our LED luminaires.

New: LED Technology by OSRAM

Hess Luminares now available with OSRAM's RAP LED module.

The RAP module embodies revolutionary LED technology and advanced lighting, making it the ideal choice when much is expected. Thanks to its modular design, streetlights in which it is housed retrofit at any time with the latest LED technology.
The LED module is a complete system, whose individual members perfectly interact with each other, in particular, the optical components, including the LEDs, reflector, optical control and the module's undulated formed enclosure.
The PMMA enclosure is tightly bonded to the modules’ mounting plate and provides reliable protection against moisture, insects and foreign particles for long-lasting, consistently high light quality.
Glare-free Lighting
The precision-designed and -configured facetted reflectors economically and homogeneously distribute the light emitted from the high-power LEDs to the targeted, walkways, streets and open spaces. Their precise optical control protects motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians and individuals in adjacent buildings from disturbing glare. 
Undulated Enclosure
The RAP module features a unique undulated cover. It is specially designed for the LEDs’ specific beam angle and minimises the loss of light due to reflection. 
Loss-Free Instant Start
Immediately upon start or restart, the RAP module reaches full lumen output.


RAP Module Optical System Options

The optimum optical system for the specific application's exact requirements

The RAP Module Features a 3-Zone Reflector for Glare-free Lighting

The RAP module's integral 3-zone facetted reflector ensures motor vehicle operators, pedestrians and people in adjacent buildings are not subject to glare. The reflector’s facets break the light of the individual diodes into multiple smaller beams, distributing the brightness across a larger reflector area.


Download the brochure about the latest Hess street lighting family.


NEW: LEDs Start

Advantagen and opportunities of the new OSRAM RAP-Module

Brochure LEDs Start

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