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The executive board of Hess AG (ISIN: DE000A0N3EJ6) filed for insolvency on 13th February, 2013, at the district court (insolvency court) responsible.
The district court of Villingen-Schwenningen opened insolvency proceedings (file no. 1 IN 23/13) over the assets of
Hess AG with effect from 1st May, 2013. Previous temporary insolvency administrator, lawyer Dr Volker Grub, partnership
Grub Brugger & Partner, Stuttgart, was appointed insolvency administrator.
The internet presence of Hess AG displays the Investor Relations pages at the time of filing for insolvency as well the newest and for the capital market relevant developments.

Circular letter for creditors of the Hess AG;
July 2017

Investment highlights and key figures

  • Clear corporate strategy taps considerable sales potential in the dynamically growing global LED market (LED sales growth at Hess 2009-2011: CAGR 148% from EUR 2.5 million to EUR 15.4 million)
  • Hess offers its customers substantial technology and solution expertise in combination with excellent design and high product quality, as well as outstanding expertise in the architectural lighting sphere
  • Technology-focused company with great innovative strength as well as an extensive IP portfolio in the LED and OLED segment
  • Strong international distribution network with established brands and a growing presence in the major lighting markets of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America
  • Established, longstanding customer relationships with architects, lighting planners and landscape planners
  • The many years of experience and pronounced industry expertise of the Management Board supported by an established second management level enables profitable growth to be continued (EBIT growth 2009-2011: CAGR 39.2% to EUR 5.6 million)

Management Body

Andreas R. Budde | Management Board

Mr Budde is associate of Management Consulting Budde & Berger GmbH (Beilstein / Calw) and has many years of experience in stabilising and rebuilding companies in the course of a transferred reorganisation. In addition, his main field of work includes the restructuring of companies, Change Management, increases in efficiency as well as cooperation, mergers and sale of companies.
As interim or turnaround manager Mr Budde was responsible for, among others, Ernst Auwärter (vehicle construction; chief representative), Salamander (Managing Director) and NKD (chief executive officer; reorganisation manager).
Further information about Mr Andreas R. Budde can be found at:


Hess's management is aware of its responsibility to society, the environment and its employees. This applies in both regional and global contexts. All central corporate decisions are based on the self-imposed commitment to act on a sustainable basis. And this is also a guarantee of the company's continued success, given that economy, ecology and social responsibility are inextricably linked.
Hess has been pursuing long-term and sustainable strategies, and their practical implementation, for three generations – jointly with its employees. As a result, innovative lighting has been, and is, created, which is characterised by energy efficiency, low emissions and durability, thereby making a decisive contribution to energy saving.
The Supervisory Board provides unlimited support for Hess AG's sustainable and global growth strategy. In the interests of the prosperity of the company and its stakeholders, the Supervisory Board is made up of experts who combine many years of experience with sound technology and industry knowledge as well as expertise in finance and corporate governance.
Hess AG has received several awards for its sustainable business approach.