AVANGARDO 2 - predestined for integrated lighting concepts

Diversity in form, material and function

The technology behind the AVANGARDO 2 collection has been further developed to give lighting designers, urban planners and architects a multitude of different luminaire families to choose from in a range of high-quality treated surfaces.
The special feature is that each luminaire family is comprised of several product groups – for example wall luminaires or illuminating bollards – in an integrated and holistic design.
Value retention, durability and reliability are further key features. We use only the highest quality materials for our AVANGARDO luminaires, such as steel, aluminium and cast aluminium combined with borosilicate, polyacrylic or single-pane tempered safety glass.
Predestined for integrated lighting concepts. AVANGARDO 2 by Hess.

Sophisticated lighting concepts for buildings and the surround areas

Our AVANGARDO 2 products are available in two performance levels; with 7 W and 13 W.
The light colours 3000 K and 4000 K are available. Dimming is possible via phase control.
The illuminating bollard GENUA offers optimum pathway illumination. The LED module provides a very wide distribution and ensures correspondingly large lighting point distances. The illuminating bollards are offered as standard with an embedded base and a flange plate.

Illuminating Bollard GENUA

Illuminating Bollard FIDENZA

Illuminating Bollard PADUA

Wall Mounted Luminaire GENUA

Wall Mounted Luminaire FIDENZA

Wall Mounted Luminaire PADUA


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