Hess GmbH: European Lighting company Nordeon takes over Hess

Villingen-Schwenningen, 23.08.2013
Hess GmbH
  • Nordeon takes over business operations of Hess by way of an asset deal
  • Hess survives as strong and prestigious brand
  • Site in Villingen-Schwenningen is strengthened

Nordeon takes over all assets necessary for the continuation of business operations of Hess AG at the site in Villingen-Schwenningen by way of an asset deal effective 1st October, 2013. The sales company of Hess located in Stockholm (Sweden) as well as the production site and sales of Hess in Gaffney (USA) are also being taken over. The working relationships of about 180 Hess employees in total are being continued.
Nordeon and Hess are successfully positioned companies in their respective market segments. With its product line, Nordeon concentrates strongly on the development and production of luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. Nordeon’s site in Springe is considered as Europe’s biggest manufacturing plant for the production of professional LED-luminaires. Hess mainly focusses on the development and production of decorative and design-oriented outdoor luminaires.
“The product line of both companies is completely different. Thus, the companies do not compete against each other, but complement each other in an excellent way and they can benefit from one another considerably. We can now offer our customers a very broad range of services – everything “made in Europe”. Furthermore, our customers can expect a maximum quality, reliability, flexibility and ability to supply”, explains Pierre van Lamsweerde, CEO of the Nordeon group, and adds: ”We want to introduce the strengths of Nordeon and Hess, bundle them and combine them to a strong whole”.
The market for technical-functionally and premium design-oriented outdoor lighting will be served by the companies Hess and Vulkan. “We want to return Hess together with Vulkan to its former strength. Hess will remain as site and as highly esteemed brand for creatively attractive luminaires of high quality”, adds Lamsweerde.
The Nordeon group consistently continues its growth strategy focused on Europe, which started in October of 2012, by taking over Hess. This acquisition will reinforce the whole group of companies and with that every single site sustainably. “In future, we will invest with foresight and with sound judgement”, continues Pierre van Lamsweerde. Andreas R. Budde, Managing Director of Hess, is pleased about the entry of Nordeon not only because of this statement: “With Nordeon, we have a strategic partner at our side that ensures the long-term perspective and hence maintains jobs at Hess”.
The Nordeon group includes about 600 employees after the acquisition. It is produced at 4 sites in Germany, France and the USA.
To Nordeon:
Nordeon is a new innovative manufacturer of light. However, it can rely on decades of experience in the field of developing lamps and luminaires. Nordeon was founded in October of 2012 as part of the purchase of Philips’ development and production site for professional lighting in Springe, Germany. As early as two months afterwards, in October of 2012, the NORDEON group was extended through the acquisition of the Philips site specialised in the production of fluorescent lamps located in Chalon, France. Finally, in March of 2013, Vulkan GmbH was acquired, which formerly belonged to the Hess group. NORDEON meanwhile has over 400 highly skilled and ambitious employees.
Owner of the NORDEON goup is VAROVA, a Dutch-based investment company focussing on the long-term perspective and sustainability.
To Hess:
Hess offers a wide range of design-oriented luminaires and meets all requirements for lighting design in the public space as well as for the indoor and outdoor illumination of objects. The product portfolio is completed by premium street and site furnishings. Hess offers hereby a perfect combination of luminaires and street and site furnishings for holistic concepts of urban and landscape design.
Hess invests a great deal in the development of energy-efficient lighting products. When it comes to redesign and renovation of lighting, Hess is the right contact partner for cities and municipalities. Hess accompanies architects, planners, cities and builders from the design to the installation of luminaires and develops customised special solutions. Due to the special and distinctive design language and the already mentioned special solutions, Hess is considered in the market as a manufacture for high-quality and decorative outdoor lighting.
About 180 people are employed at the production sites in Villingen-Schwenningen and Gaffney (USA).


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